SI 6. Integrated post-harvest management

MAIZE photoThis initiative improves the food security and safety, health, and marketing options of some 6 million smallholders in 15 countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America by reducing post-harvest losses and mycotoxin contamination in maize-derived foods.





Estimated impact 2020 2030
Potential food security impact Approx. 180 million poor people, in countries where maize contributes on average 30% of total calories and protein.
Smallholder families potentially gaining from this initiative 2 million 6 million
Other benefits Reduced losses in storage, increased income generation, and reduced health risks/burden through foods free of mycotoxins and insect pest wastes.
Reduction of post-harvest losses (%) 20 25
Benefit to the environment Increased land and water use efficiency; increased deployment of maize genetic diversity
Value of saved grain USD 200 million USD 650 million