Spreading the gift of knowledge among women farmers in Bihar, India

Kisan Sakhi, meaning “a woman farmer friend,” is an initiative jointly started by the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) and the Bihar Mahila Samakhya (Indian government program on women’s equality) that aims to disseminate new climate-resilient and sustainable farming technologies and practices to help empower women farmers in Bihar. Six areas have been identified – Bochaha, Bandra, Aurai, Gai Ghat, Musahri and Kudhni – in the district Muzaffarpur for the pilot work.

CKisan Sakhi members Bihar IndiaSISA has introduced new technologies to more than 300 Kisan Sakhi members such as improved weed management, intercropping in maize, intensification of cropping systems with summer green gram, machine transplanting of rice under non-puddled conditions and management of community nurseries. CSISA also aims to support champion women farmer entrepreneurs, who could deliver custom hire services for community nurseries and machine transplanting.

New maize hybrids for DR Congo on the horizon


Dr Silvestro Meseka (left) with a partner examines maize harvest.Efforts to improve the productivity and production of maize in DR Congo have received a boost as trials across the various agroecological zones in that country show promising results.

Dr Silvestro Meseka, IITA Maize Breeder who is back from the field, reports that the results are the product of a collaborative research project on the introduction of improved maize hybrids and varieties that was initiated by IITA in early February 2013 under the CGIAR Research Program MAIZE. First, two senior technicians were invited and trained after which hybrid and variety trials of different maturity groups for evaluation at Mvuazi (Bas Congo), Kipopo (Katanga), and Ngandajika (Kasai- Oriental) were deployed.

According to him, the main purpose of this research was to evaluate and identify high-yielding, adaptable maize hybrids and varieties for release to farmers that will contribute to food security as well as increase income of maize-growing smallholders in DR Congo.

CIMMYT – Wheat Communications Officer

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated candidate for the position of Communications Officer to support the Global Wheat Program (GWP). The selected candidate will be a member of the International Communications Department and report to the Director of International Communications but will work directly with the GWP Director and members of the GWP staff to prepare, review and edit scientific papers for publication in refereed journals and project proposals, help formulate project documents that meet reporting requirements of donors and promote the GWP and its various projects.

Closing date: 28 March 2014

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CIMMYT – Agricultural Engineer (Global Conservation Agriculture Program)

We are seeking an experienced Agricultural Engineer to join an innovative USAID funded agricultural R4D project focused on efficient surface water irrigation, scale-appropriate mechanization, and conservation agriculture, to sustainably intensify cropping systems in Southern Bangladesh. The five-year $13 million project activities are being implemented in collaboration with International Development Enterprises (iDE), and will integrate and build upon synergies created with the already operational Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) in Bangladesh project. As Agricultural Engineer, you will work to implement and applied research and extension program in partnership with public and private sector partners centered on the use of efficient and scale-appropriate agricultural machinery to intensify dry season cropping in Southern Bangladesh.

Closing date: 28 March 2014

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